I know its most likely no surprise but apparently the coming days are going to be horrible, freezing cold and also with some heavy snow, this is not good news for anyone working outside or like me working in a freezing cold garage.
Anyway folks please take care out there and make sure you are prepared for the coming bad weather in every way you can
for me i definitely need some good boots, stuff for my car ohh and the Mrs needs a cool Jacket, how about you 

Hi all, this is my first trial blog directly from my web site carsaveclub.co.co I will keep at this on a regular basis to see how things go.
Can someone please respond to this trial run, enjoy the day and safe driving


    My name is George, current proprietor of George's West End Garage Aspatria.
    The www.carsaveclub.co.uk web site and blog is an ongoing project for both business and pleasure. I guess my blogs on here will mainly have something to do with Cars but who knows.


    February 2016


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