Love them or hate them Car MOT tests are essential to keep our cars running and driving safely on our roads.dvla The MOT test not only covers the normal mechanical areas of the Car but also keeps an eye on the Cars exhaust emissions, Nitrogen Oxides, Hydro carbons, Particulates and all that stuff, in other words all that mucky stuff that's spit out of the exhaust. Because I have a Garage Business I deal with MOT repairs and tests on a daily basis and one thing I have noticed since the road tax has disappeared from our windscreens (now electronic), more and more people seem to forget all about the MOT, you would not believe how many Customers contact me saying their MOT has already ran out. .sadface I do have a solution to this and that is quite simply let me worry about your Cars service schedule and MOT testing, along with road tax dates and all, yes I am serious and I am willing to do just that, all be it for a very nominal fee of just £1 a month. If you are interested in becoming a Car Save Club subscriber either for free or taking up the above offer for just £1 a month please get in touch, just follow this CONTACT US link and forward your details, i will reply as soon as possible. OK lets get back to the MOT, whats it all about, this image will give you some idea just how extensive an MOT test should be. motcar


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Conducting the annual Ministry of Transport (MOT) Test to vehicles over three years of age is a road safety requirement in Great Britain. It examines the car's exhaust discharges, road-worthiness, and vehicle safeness. However, most people tend to overlook the significance of MOT Test. That is where the Car Save Club surfaces. With just £1/month, the important parts of your car will be analyzed. By reading this article, I knew for a fact that I will save a lot of pounds just to check my car for irregularities.

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I want to be your subscriber! If it's possible now - contact me, please.

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I also encountered this test when I was applying for my driver's license. When I still don't have any idea about this, I thought that driving lesson is just about driving. I didn't know that we will be taught about different things associate with the activity, including the right mood while driving. I am encouraging everyone not to drive if they are emotional, for this is a big factor of car accident because of being absent-minded at the moment. By the way, thank you for this very informative article!

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