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09/22/2017 8:10am


12/26/2017 10:18am

I almost forgot about last year's Mother's Day. I am planning on not to be surprised by Mother's Day this year. I would really want to give my mother a wonderful gift. My mother deserves precious and special gifts because she really is a wonderful and precious person. I owe a huge thank to you guys because of this reminder of Mother's Day. I would also make sure to check that Mother's Day gift ideas from Amazon. They will surely be a huge help to someone who wants to give the best gift for their mother on Mother's Day.

09/28/2017 2:42am

Thank you for reminding me. I almost forgot about that. For me, Mother's day should be the most important day of all. I cannot think of any way to thank my mother because of the everything that she has done for me and our family. We must make sure that we tell our moms each and every day hoe much we appreciate them. I want to wish all moms out there a great day and thank you for the love and sacrifice!




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Thank you for this post! I forgot about this special event that everyone should be celebrating. I kinda feel disappointed with myself because of the too much work I had. But eventually, the next day I make it up to my mom. I just cooked for her favorite dish and give her the whole day, her entire rest day for the chores at home. I managed the chores by myself with my sister. My mom deserves to be a treated like that especially it is her day. Probably she will treasure this celebration, we had, even though it is only simple yet meaningful.

01/15/2018 11:42am

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