Hi All, This is purely advisory but also recommended by me. As I work on cars on a day to day basis and have been involved in the Motor industry for most of my working life I would always say that preventative maintenance can save you a fortune and also keep you safe behind the wheel. Lets start with a couple of really simple checks, lets look at the Tyres, and wheels,  a very easy one being the Tyre Pressures, without getting to hung up about the pressures, some air is always better than no air in a Tyre. As a general rule if your not sure on pressures for your Car then just put around 30PSI or 2bar in each, at least that way you could follow up at a garage to confirm exact pressures needed for your Car. Regarding the wheels its an easy one just at least have a look around them just to see if they have any damage, bulges etc, also if you do this on a regular basis you will also see if any tyres are looking a bit soft. This also goes for the tyres, I see so many Cars driving with almost completely Bald Tyres (illegal), if you want to just check out the prices for tyres or to buy online then take a look on Amazon. tyres Another simple check can be your wipers, to be honest you most likely will already know if they are ok or not, the bottom line is if you use your Wipers and they don't clean the screen when its raining or you use the washers then they are most likely knackered. 050623_WindscreenWipersPR_2_small Just at least try them and have a little look, if you see any bits hanging off your wiper blades then just get them replaced, did you know that a damaged Wiper blade can end up damaging the windscreen. Well folks that's all for now a cuppa tea needed, take care and drive safe out there, anybody need advise please just ask in a message or email, cheers , George
Hi All,F1FLAG Formula 1 is about to kick off again for the 2016 season, first race is Australia 18 - 20 March. If your not into F1 then in a way I can understand because some races can seem a bit one sided and therefore I maybe a bit boring for some, for me tho i love the F1 as I like to keep an eye on the overall performance of drivers and teams. Here's a link to the F1 site, its chocked full of all sorts of things, you can even keep an eye on live races with times and all that stuff, check it out http://www.formula1.com/content/fom-website/en.html  

With some major rule changes planned for next year, there have only been minor tweaks to the regulations for 2016…
  • Exhaust layout - to improve engine noise, teams must now use separate exhaust pipes for the turbine and wastegate rather than the single exhaust used in 2015. The rules allow for the option of using a twinpipe for the wastegate, though any exit must not be more than 100mm from the main pipe.
  • Power unit allowance - with the number of championship rounds increasing from 19 to 21 this year, the number of power units each driver is allowed to use over the course of the season has increased from four to five. Consequently, grid penalties will only kick in when each driver uses a sixth of any one of the six disparate power unit elements.
  • Power unit development - Each manufacturer will be allowed 32 power unit tokens for in-season development. They may use these at their discretion. Additionally, whereas previously no manufacturer could supply more than one specification of power unit, engines homologated in previous seasons may now be re-homologated for use in 2016.
  • Cockpit safety - the head protection structures either side of the cockpit are now 20mm higher than before and able to resist a compression load of 50N per 30 seconds.
  • Tyres - To encourage variation between race strategies, Pirelli are now making three, rather than two, of their five dry-weather tyre compounds (including the new purple-marked ultrasoft) available at each event. The Italian company will allocate two sets of tyres for the race (only one of which must be used) and one set which can only be used in Q3 (the softest of the chosen three compounds).  Each driver will then be able to choose 10 further sets of tyres from the three compounds to take their weekend allocation to 13.
  • Virtual Safety Car - The Virtual Safety Car (VSC) may now be used in practice sessions as well as races in order to reduce stoppage times, while DRS will now be re-enabled immediately after a VSC period.
  • Accident analysis - For the purpose of accident analysis, each car must be fitted with a high speed camera and each driver must wear in-ear accelerometers at each event and all tests which are attended by more than one team.
  • Testing - The number of pre-season tests has been slashed from three to two, meaning that the teams may participate in eight days of track running ahead of the new season rather than the 12 they had available in 2015.
That's all for now about F1, more to follow


After a hard week in the garage it can be a bit messy

[caption id="attachment_93" align="alignnone" width="300"]In need of a good tidy up In need of a good tidy up[/caption] this was first thing this morning (Saturday)  it looks a real mess and most certainly needs sorted. First things first tho, Mazda 323 on the lift needs Left front wishbone replaced and all wheels re fitted, if the bolts come out ok then not such a bad job.
I started my day today in the Garage as normal (George's West End Garage), not so cold today so at least I could feel my finger ends for a change. First job today was an MOT failure due to an ABS warning light, plugged my computer in and it showed 1 fault on a speed wheel sensor, drivers side rear and Yes that could well be the problem. If only life was so simple. Let me explain one little thing, these sensors as fitted directly behind the wheel hub,
this is where the problems start, first thing i guess everyone will know due to the location of these type of parts is they are subject to all the rain, snow, ice, salt, muck and dirt of every days roads here in the UK, ohh and the image above is how they should look. So the first thing i did was remove the wheel, moved onto simply remove the securing bolt of the ABS sensor (speed wheel sensor)
but of course no it wont come out because the corrosion and rust has eaten half the bolt head away.
Ok well after another 20 minutes cleaning, lubricating, special sockets and all i eventually got the bolt out. Next of course again, instead of the little sensor simply pulling out of its seat it wont move, no not a chance, the thing has no intention of coming out and just wants to sit there in all the rust and corrosion built up around it. The bottom line here is what started out as a 30 minute job ended up taking nearly 1.5 hours, this included additional work of brakes removal, disk and hub removal just to get t the seized parts. however as you can see so much time wasted on what should be a simple repair.
Well folks, today was a bit of a pain, and all mainly due to Rust and corrosion and this is so regular in my sort of work and can increase the work times so much. Ohh well job done and everybody happy. MOT test pass and all in order. Tomorrow is another day, I wonder if it will be freezing, rainy , or a lovely mild day, I wont hold my breath on the latter.
Hi all, just a quick reminder  
Love them or hate them Car MOT tests are essential to keep our cars running and driving safely on our roads.dvla The MOT test not only covers the normal mechanical areas of the Car but also keeps an eye on the Cars exhaust emissions, Nitrogen Oxides, Hydro carbons, Particulates and all that stuff, in other words all that mucky stuff that's spit out of the exhaust. Because I have a Garage Business I deal with MOT repairs and tests on a daily basis and one thing I have noticed since the road tax has disappeared from our windscreens (now electronic), more and more people seem to forget all about the MOT, you would not believe how many Customers contact me saying their MOT has already ran out. .sadface I do have a solution to this and that is quite simply let me worry about your Cars service schedule and MOT testing, along with road tax dates and all, yes I am serious and I am willing to do just that, all be it for a very nominal fee of just £1 a month. If you are interested in becoming a Car Save Club subscriber either for free or taking up the above offer for just £1 a month please get in touch, just follow this CONTACT US link and forward your details, i will reply as soon as possible. OK lets get back to the MOT, whats it all about, this image will give you some idea just how extensive an MOT test should be. motcar
It may be surprising but Spring is on the way so now is the time to get your car ready for spring. If you're one of those people who clean the car only once a year, "whether it needs it or not", then now's the best time to do it. After months of winter neglect a thorough clean will help to maintain the car's value and reduce the risk of long-term corrosion damage. The inside of the car could have remained damp all through winter while the underside is likely to be caked in salt laden mud which will cause corrosion if left.maxresdefault


The inside of your car may not have dried out properly all through the winter as wet shoes and clothes keep bringing in moisture while there's not been the heat or ventilation to dry it out. Discoloured upholstery, rotted carpets and general shabbiness can seriously reduce a car's resale value.   Take out loose mats before vacuuming the carpets. If required, shampoo the carpets too but avoid using too much water and ideally choose a warm sunny day when doors and windows can be left open to help them dry - as long as you can keep a close eye on the car to prevent theft. Wet patches under the carpets are a sign of rain water penetration. This can lead to serious corrosion so should be investigated thoroughly. You'll probably need expert help as the point of water entry can be difficult to find. Accessory shops are full of cleaning products for upholstery, trim and roof linings, but make sure you use the right product for each material. Always do a test on a small patch first to avoid mistakes. Interior glass and painted metal surfaces need only a wipe over with clean water and a chamois leather.dry_cleaning


Remove winter grime from paint work with warm water and a suitable car shampoo. Start on the roof and work your way down and around the car, allowing stubborn dirt at the bottom to soak. Pay particular attention to the undersides of doors and sills and make sure that all the shampoo is fully rinsed off before drying the car. Attend to minor areas of corrosion, stone chips etc. as they will only get worse if left. Areas of extensive corrosion are best left to the experts. Stone chip touch-up kits are available from most accessory shops. Take your time and you should be able to acheive a reasonable finish. Polish offers some paintwork protection and will help to restore any loss of gloss on older vehicles. Use a good quality polish and follow the manufacturer's instructions.


The underside of the car takes the worst of the winter weather. Mud soaks-up salt laden spray and, if left, will cause corrosion over time.roadmaster-undercoat01 Assuming there's no hosepipe ban, hose down the entire underside of the car, paying particular attention to the front and rear wheel arch areas. When dry check for signs of damage to the underbody sealing compound. DIY products are available if you know what you're doing otherwise it's best to get a garage to attend to any damage. The terms of any long-term anti-corrosion warranty might specify how such repairs should be carried out. If in doubt check with your dealer.


Check tyres carefully for tread and general condition. The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm, but we recommend replacing them before the tread gets down to 2mm. Look for faults such as cuts, splits or bulges too and have any damaged or worn tyres replaced. Don't forget the spare. If you switched to winter tyres in the Autumn then now's the time to switch back to your 'summer' tyres. If you've got two sets of wheels/tyres and are swapping them yourself read our advice on changing a wheel.

And finally

Before the start of any long journey and ideally every week check the engine oil level, radiator coolant level, windscreen washer level and tyre pressures, including the spare. The vehicle handbook should show you clearly how to do all of these. Ten minutes or so spent carrying out a few basic checks could make sure you reach your destination as planned and not delayed because of a breakdown.
Did you know   If you drive with damaged or worn tyres you risk being fined. You risk invalidating your car insurance policy and endangering lives too. Tyre fitted to a motor vehicle or trailer must be fit for purpose and be free from any defects which might damage the road or endanger any person. Tyres must be correctly inflated to the vehicle manufacturer's and the tyre manufacturer's recommended pressure.
Fit for purpose means that a tyre must: be compatible with the types of tyres fitted to the other wheels
  • not have any lump, bulge or tear caused by separation or partial failure of the structure.
  • not have a cut or tear in excess of 25mm or 10% of the sectional width of the tyre, whichever is the greater, and which is deep enough to reach the ply or cord.
  • not have any part of the ply or cord exposed
A vehicle with any of these faults or with tyres of different nominal size or aspect ratio on the same axle is liable to fail an MOT test Duty to maintain
Tyres must be correctly inflated to the vehicle manufacturer's and the tyre manufacturer's recommended pressure. ('Run-flat' tyres partially inflated or in flat condition are permitted in certain circumstances.)tyre inflate Tread depth Tread depth must not fall below the legal minimum. The tread is that part of the tyre in contact with the road in normal conditions. The minimum depth of tread depends on the class of vehicle.
Type of vehicle Minimum tread depth
Passenger vehicles (other than motorcycles) for not more than 8 seated passengers Goods vehicles not exceeding 3,500kg max gross weight Light trailers not exceeding 3,500kg max gross weight At least 1.6mm throughout a continuous band in the centre 3/4 of the tread and around the entire circumference
Most vehicles larger than those listed above Motorcycles 50cc and over with or without sidecar At least 1.0mm throughout a continuous band across at least 3/4 of the breadth of the tread and around the entire circumference NB: In the quarter where the tread may be less than 1.0mm, the original tread pattern must be visible
Mopeds and motorcycles under 50cc Original tread pattern must be visible

Spare tyre

You don't have to carry a spare and it does not have to comply with the legal requirements while it is stowed away. However, when fitted to the vehicle (for example, following a puncture) it must then comply with the law. The spare is not tested in the MOT but the examiner may draw your attention to an unserviceable item as a matter of courtesy.
Hi all, well its Saturday and here i am trying to make better and update my web sitewww.carsaveclub.co.uk , i have deleted pages and added pages, made links and added pictures. I have to admit i'm not yet certain what i need to do on my site but I do know its something I do want to do. The BLOG, I know with any business these days a Blog is essential and can be a fantastic way to connect to Customers and friends and may even change Customers to friends and vice versa. I'm thinking about using Wordpress for my Blog and linking this Blog page straight to the Wordpress one, ill need to have a read up on this one but any advise would be much appreciated Looking out of my window here it looks dull and cold but at least for now its not raining, here in Cumbria UK as you may know it does rain quite a lot but the Beauty of this area definitely makes up for it. I know so many people love walking in Cumbria so here's a book worth a read, oh and it does also guide you via Pubs, couldn't be better could it ?
12 tools every man or woman should have in their toolbox.
it a good idea to keep some basic tools at hand, no real need to buy all at once just build them up as you go along
No 1 has got to be a Claw Hammer.

The heat treated forged high carbon steel curved claw head is fully polished and rim tempered for durability and safety. The fibreglass handle absorbs shock and vibration and the textured rubber ensures a comfortable, secure grip. High…

Number 2 in the top 12 must have tools is a flat head screwdriver

Satin chrome vanadium steel blade with hardened and tempered flared tip. Soft-grip handle designed to give maximum grip and comfort while transferring maximum amount of torque.
Number 3 in the top 12 must have tools in your toolbox Is the very popular Pillips screwdriver also known as the crosshead

Here i am again determined to finish my top 12 list of essential tools for your DIY toolbox and here at number 4 is the tape measure, i'm showing an ultra modern electronic one here.

Number 5 of my top 12 tools for your DIY toolbox is an adjustable spanner, i know lots of Mechanics would probably swear at me for mentioning an Adjustable Spanner but I have to say if your stuc somewhere and only have an Adjustable it can definitely save the day.

Supplied By IDEABRIGHT LTD Description STANLEY 0-90-947 150mm Adjustable Wrench - Narrow head design for limited space applications - Laser-marked SAE and metric jaw scale for easy fastener size - Forged alloy-steel body increases…
At number 6 is the humble socket set, the good thing about the socket set is you can fix a Bike, Car, Motorbike, you name it.

Supplied By IDEABRIGHT LTD Description BAHCO BAHCO S330 Socket Set MM/AF 1/4 & 3/8in Drive 34 Piece Set - Socket set 1/4" and 3/8" drive -…
OK here we go again with the last few Tools on my top 12 must have tools for your DIY toolbox.
Number 7 on my list are the very handy Vise Grips maybe better known as Mole Grips, these are very handy when you need an extra hand.

The Vise-Grip Straight Jaw Locking Plier is for general purpose with maximum strength and gripping capacity.Locks on instantly and release quickly.Adjusts to various sizes.Straight serrated jaws with quick release lever.Size. 10in - 250mmCapacity 41mm

Number 8 on my list has to be the very handy Long Nose Pliers also known as Needle Nose Pliers, check out these very pretty yellow handled ones, how could you lose these ones ?.

Draper DIY Series 12516 200 mm Long-Nose Radio Pliers with PVC-Dipped Handles

Ohh yes, who could do any job without having a Cordless Drill at hand, this is number 9 on my list of the top 12, prices vary so much on these items so its always a good idea to read a few reviews before buying.

BLACK+DECKER 18V Lithium Ion 2 Gear Hammer Drill

Number 10 on my list is the Humble Hand Saw, these come in all shapes and sizes mainly because you can cut so many different products, you do need to do a little research before making a purchase.

Spear & Jackson Predator B9822 22inch x 8ppi Universal Woodsaw
Now for my final 2 must have tools for your DIY toolbox, of course there will be many more but i am just talking about the top 12 for now
at number 11 is the essential spirit level.
Stanley FatMax Xtreme Torpedo Level 25cm STA043609 The Stanley STA 0-43-609 Fatmax Xtreme Torpedo level is 10 inches in length with 3 vials. The FatMax Xtreme Torpedo Level has a V…

Number 12, the last tool on my list seems almost unmentionable as its just a knife, i know these come in all shapes and sizes so the rest is up to you,
Victorinox Taschenmesser Tinker klein, rot 0.4603 Immer gut ausgerüstet – auch unterwegs. Das Tinker von Victorinox verfügt trotz seiner kleinen Größe über 11 verschiedene Funktionen. Funktionen: 1. grosse Klinge 2. kleine Klinge 3.…


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